The MecaTech Cluster is a competitiveness cluster in mechanical engineering.

TWEED : Technology of Wallonia Energy, Environment and sustainable Development

TWEED (Technology of Wallonia Energy, Environment and sustainable Develo- pment) aims to play a major role in the business development of «sustainable energy» sectors. Its first mission is to pave the way for the setting up of high quality and indus- trial-size projects in the fields of production and exploitation of sustainable energy, profitable enough to attract appropriate financial means.

Eco-Construction, the Green Building Cluster

Our cluster has been created in the Walloon companies initiative active in the field of Green Buildings. The main goal of this Cluster is to boost the Green Buildings market.

InfoPole - Cluster TIC

The INFOPOLE Cluster TIC is the network that brings together and unites professionals in Information and Communication Technologies to promote business and innovation through partnership.

CRM, Metallurgy Research Centre

CRM is a non-profit-making association that was created by the Belgian steel industry. An additional CRM laboratory, dedicated to rolling and thermal treatments was created in 1995 on the campus of Ghent University, in Zwijnaarde. AC&CS was created in 1990 as the local R&D centre of Cockerill-Sambre and was installed nearby CRM facilities. It was later integrated with Cockerill-Sambre into the ArcelorMittal group. In 2011, all the research activities and general services of CRM have been combined with those of AC&CS into the CRM Group.  The CRM Group now achieves a critical size with unique and complementary competencies by pooling the talents and the assets of these two recognised research labs, one in metallurgical processes and the other in complex metallic products and solutions. We have been entrusted with the mission of creating value for our Members through innovation in metallic products, metallic solutions and associated production processes.
Our technical and R&D services are also available to external companies, with a special focus on services to SMEs and towards European, Belgian and regional economies.