Advanced research centre for nanolihography (ARCNL)

nanolithography research (also thin-film and surface science related activities)

Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces

Dutch Polymer Institute

polymers and their diverse applications using a multidisciplinary, chain-of-knowledge approach.

Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces, High performance synthetic and biobased composites, Functional Materials

Brightland Materials Center

Polymeric materials

Additive Manufacturing - Health & Well-being, Opto Electronics - Sustainable Energy

TNO Solliance & Holst Centre

Thin film photovoltaic solar energy

Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces, Functional Materials, manufacturing

Materials Innovation Institute (M2i)

Applied mechanical behaviour; Multi-scale modeling of mechancial behaviour; Durable surfaces, interfaces and interations; Functional materials; Advanced metals; Composites; Additive manufacturing and welding

Structural materials; Functional materials; Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces; Composites and hybrid structures; Additive manufacturing; Joining technologies.

RAMLAB (Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab)

Rapid manufacturing of certified relatively large metal parts using wire arc-based additive manufacturing (WAAM). The metal parts produced are typically used in a maritime, industrial, aeronautical context as well broad range of other industries.

Metal Additive Manufacturing.


Mechanical metamaterials, nanophotonics, nanophotovoltaics, self-organizing matter, soft robotic matter, ultrafast spectroscopy, living matter

Functional materials, Opto Electronics - Sustainable Energy


Fusion energy and solar fuels, modeling of processes and material properties

Opto Electronics - Sutainable materials


Photonics, fluidics, hard materials, soft materials and devices.

Opto electronics - Sustainable Energy, functional materials


Composites: Materials; Manufacturing; Regulatory aspects; Certifcation; Education.

Composite materials

Digital Factory Composites (DFC)

DFC focuses on the development and demonstration of new automated and digital technology for the production of composites.

Composite materials

ThermoPlastic Composites Nederland (TPC NL)

Tape laying, compression moulding, insert moulding, recycling and automation (robotics).

Thermoplastic composite materials

AMSYSTEMS Center (Multimateriaal 3D printen Fieldlab)

Materials, processes, manufacturing machines and design methodologies for three applications: Ceramics; Printed Electronics and Dental applications.

Additive manufacturing

ACM3 (Fieldlab for Automated Composites, Metal Manufacturing and Maintenance)

The Fieldlab for Automated Composites, Metal Manufacturing and Maintenance (ACM3) consists of three units: 1. ACM-TC, a centre for cross-sectoral technology development; 2. ACM-PP): A centre for specific production technology or product development; 3. MAMTEC: A centre for the development of “free form metal additive” production technology or product development

Composite materials; Additive manufacturing.