Materipedia - the online project catalogue of M-ERA.NET

This online project database called "Materipedia" contains all projects funded by M-ERA.NET and allows for a cross-border inquiry on topics and  specific projects. It provides options to filter by   call year, call topics, participating countries, funding agencies, as well as for free text searches in  keywords and project summaries.

A direct selection of projects via the project acronyms is also possible.

  • All filter functions can be used on their own except the filter “call topics”. In this case, the filter “call year” must be selected first.
  • Within the filter "country", more than one item can be selected in the drop-down-menu. The countries are connected with "and", which means that only projects are shown in the result list, which involve all selected countries.
  • Within the filter "agency", more than one item can be selected in the drop-down-menu. The agencies are connected with "or", which means that at least one of the selected agency is involved in the projects shown in the result list.
  • The filter „keywords“  is  a free text search in the specified keywords of each project. More than one word(-part) can be entered. Use the space character to separate the words or word parts. The order of the words has no effect on the search.  All entered keywords must apply. Example: By entering 3 keywords, (i.e. composite manufacturing structure), only projects will be shown, which include all these 3 words in their keyword lists.
  • Using the filter "project summary", a free text search in the project summaries of the projects will be performed. This filter works in the same way as the filter "keywords".
  • In the filter „acronyms“ more than one name can be entered. The entry is not case-sensitive.
  • A combination of filters is possible. The filters are connected with “and”, which means that the conditions of all selected filters must be fulfilled.
  • For each project, a separate project data sheet (subpage) is provided and can be accessed by clicking on the blue-marked acronym. Please use the button "back to search"  in order to return to the main Materipedia page.
  • In order to perform a new search, please press the button "reset"
  • In order to receive the full list of projects, press the button "show all"



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The editorial team is inviting all project coordinators to actively participate in shaping their project's page. Sending pictures and additional information like publication lists is always appreciated.