Materipedia - the online project catalogue of M-ERA.NET

This online project database called "Materipedia" allows for a cross-border inquiry on topics and funded projects. It provides options to filter by call year, call topics, participating countries, funding agencies and last but not least key words.

Some remarks:

  • All filter functions can be used on their own except the filter “call topics”. In this case, the filter “call year” must be selected first.
  • A combination of filters is possible. The filters are connected with “and”, which means that the conditions of all selected filters must be fulfilled.
  • If no filter function has been selected and the button "search" is pressed, all projects will be displayed sorted by the projects acronyms.
  • For each project, a separate project data sheet (subpage) is provided and can be accessed by clicking on the blue-marked acronym. Please use the button "back to search" in order to return to the main materipedia page.
  • In order to perform a new search, please press the button "reset"



Acronym Call Year Call Topic Project partner Start Date
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