Partner Search Tool for M-ERA.NET Calls

History of the PSF:

The NMP Team partner search facility (PSF) was funded by the European Commission in the NMP Team project. The project itself ended in late 2020 and thus has the official support for this Partner Search Facility. Over its course it attracted almost 5000 users and hosted more than 370 offers for cooperation since its relaunch in 2017.

However, the PSF is far from dying, it will remain the partner search tool for the M-ERA.NET calls.  In the duration of M-ERA.NET 3, the cofunded call 2021 and the non-cofunded call 2022 have been launched and closed.  

The current call is open since 1st  March 2023. It is now possible to create cooperation offers for the M-ERA.NET topics.


M-ERA.NET Call 2023

M-ERA.NET 3 is a strong European network of public funding organisations supporting and increasing coordination and convergence of national and regional funding programmes on research and innovation related to materials and battery technologies to support the European Green Deal.

The aim of the M-ERA.NET Call 2023 is to fund ambitious transnational RTD projects addressing materials research and innovation including materials for energy generating and storing elements . The transnational projects funded by M-ERA.NET are expected to contribute to the European Green Deal and to support the Sustainable Development Goals by improving the efficiency of production processes, reducing the usage of materials and energy resources and by improving materials properties such as durability. Opportunities to build critical knowledge of advanced materials and technologies towards application in health are also provided by the call. 

Thematic Priorities:

M-ERA.NET 2023-1: Sustainable advanced materials for energy

M-ERA.NET 2023-2: Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces

M-ERA.NET 2023-3: High performance composites

M-ERA.NET 2023-4: Functional materials

M-ERA.NET 2023-5: Advanced materials and technologies for health applications

M-ERA.NET 2023-6: Next generation materials for advanced electronic


Partner Search - Partner Offer  – How does it work?

This partnering tool supports potential applicants for the M-ERA.NET in finding partners and building a consortium for a project proposal. It can be used in the following ways:

Step 1: In order to submit your own partner offer or partner search you will have to register: Registration

Step 2: Next to providing your contact details, you should give a brief description of your organization. It is important that you provide some key words describing your field of activity and that you specify your interest and the experience and expertise you/your organization has to offer in relation to the listed topics of M-ERA.NET. In order to guarantee topic specific posts, selection is limited to up to three topics per offer. If more than three topics suit your interest and expertise, you will have to make several posts.

Step 3: Definition of partner offers/searches:

- Partner Offer - Researchers who offer their research expertise and who seek for collaboration in possible project consortia and

- Partner Search - Researchers or consortia with a definite idea for a project who are looking for further partners to complement the expertise scope of the consortium

Step 4: Find possible partner offers/searches:

- Search List of Partner Offers posted by others

- Search List of Partner Requests posted by others

The database "Search for Partner Entries" can be searched by phrase, call topics, and all the other information provided by its users. The database "Search Partner Profile" can be searched by free text, country, partner type.

Please note:

- There will be a plausibility check by the M-ERA.NET consortium. If the information given passes this plausibility check, your request(s) will be published on the page "List of Partner Offers / List of Partner Requests"

- The calls in the PSF are synchronised with the actual calls. As an illustration: The 2023 call will be open from 01.03.2023 until 16.05.2023.

Detailed information on the various services and levels of the partner search facility can be taken by the user manual.

Note: The publication of your Partner Search Entry will also be announced on M-ERA.NET Twitter.