Cooperation with European RTD community

To seek synergies with relevant stakeholders, M-ERA.NET systematically cooperates with the European RTD community in materials research and innovation, including future battery technologies. The consortium aims to facilitate a dialogue between public funding organisations and researchers. The European RTD community will benefit from the resulting strong interaction and continuous communication.

Find more about our activities below.


Workshop: From the Materials 2030 Manifesto towards a Strategic Agenda for advanced materials

Online expert workshop organised by EU COM on 11 January 2023. M-ERA.NET coordinator invited for the panel discussion.

   >   Watch the event video here (YouTube)

The panel discussion with Rosita Cottone (BMBF; Germany), Jaroslaw Piekarski (NCBR; Poland), Fabrice Stassin (AMI 2030+) and Roland Brandenburg (M-ERA.NET) starts in the video from runtime 3:00:00 and lasts about 1 hour.

The aim of this workshop is to present the AMI2030+ work and gain support from the national stakeholders for the challenges, objectives and actions of the strategic agenda for advance materials.

More information about materials and chemical research policy of the EU, including the new initiative AMI2030+ can be found here on the Commission's site:


Workshop on future collaboration with ERA-MIN 3 and Made in Europe Partnership

Online event on 26 April 2022. Watch Workshop video (via YouTube)

Main objectives

  • exchange information about the M-ERA.NET, ERA-MIN and Made in Europe Partnership activities, opportunities and plans
  • find synergies between M-ERA.NET, ERA-MIN and Made in Europe and strengthen them
  • establish cooperation between initiatives in the field of advanced materials