Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a cross-cutting element. M-ERA.NET will contribute to a wider public debate on the impact of materials research, ethically, for relevant SDGs and a circular economy and will encourage applicants to take RRI aspects in consideration when constructing their research proposal.

During 2021 M-ERA.NET developed its first Guidelines for RRI.  The update 1.1 of the RRI Guidelines placed more emphasis on sustainability dimensions as an integral part of responsible research and innovation, based on recommendations of the 2022 Strategic Expert Group.

Guidelines for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the context of materials science"  (update version 1.1)

  1. introduce the idea of Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI)
  2. explain how M-ERA.NET supports RRI
  3. offer practical advice for operationalising RRI in projects and
  4. provide sources of further information for applicants


This is a ‘live document’ developed by M-ERA.NET in cooperation with external RRI advisors taking into consideration input provided by materials scientists and funding organisations. These RRI guidelines were developed in a co-creation process including a workshop with the community.

This document should help

  • applicants to M-ERA.NET calls
  • evaluators of proposals submitted to M-ERA.NET calls
  • funding organisations


It can also be used when preparing proposals submitted to other funding schemes within the scope of materials research which address RRI-related aspects, for instance Horizon Europe.

Contact person for RRI is Cecilie A. Mathiesen at The Research Council of Norway ( ).