NCE Micro- and Nanotechnology

The NCE Micro- and Nanotechnology (MNT) is centered on the production of ICT systems, microsystems and the usage of micro- and nanotechnology in miniature. The incorporation of micro- and nanosystems technology provides new functionality for a multitude of products and enables new product development and lower production costs

Examples of focused R&D fields are:

•Silicon microsystems (Pressure sensors, accelerometers, energy harvesters)

•Optical microsystems and displays

•BioMEMS (Disposable diagnosis chips)

•MNT Packaging Technology (3 D) Our focused R&D activities can also be shown graphically as a hierarchical structure starting with basic technologies and expanding upwards towards applications

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NORFAB - the Norwegian infrastructure for micro- and nanofabrication

NorFab enhances innovation in MNT by:

•Education and training of candidates with competence demanded by industry

•Fostering innovative research groups with the ability to transfer ideas to industry

•Offering access to state-of-the-art infrastructure for industry.

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Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging (RECX)/

The infrastructure is primarily directed towards basic research, but will also be relevant for industrial research and applied research.

Facilitate research in a variety of disciplines, including chemistry, physics, materials science and nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

The infrastructure is particularly relevant for developing knowledge in several areas that have high research policy priority: energy and environmental technology, nanotechnology, gas conversion, sensors, medical imaging and diagnostics.

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The Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy (NORTEM)/

The NORTEM offers access to Norwegian and international researchers seeking to apply state-of-the-art TEM techniques to answer the materials challenges of today and the future.

Light metals and their alloys, energy related material systems, catalysis, and nanotechnology are the main focus areas.

NORTEM aims to build activities in academic research and competence building in partnership with national and international academic and research institutes, as well as Norwegian and international industry

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