Association NTN Innovative Surfaces

Design of new interfaces, surfaces and coatings

New Surfaces and Coatings, Tailoring of bioactive material surfaces for health applications, Functional Materials Focusing on Sensors

Swiss Society for Surface treatment

Technical-scientific society for surface technology, plant engineering, test engineering, quality assurance, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, education and training.

New Surfaces and Coatings

Swiss Contaminiation Controll Society

The SRRT-SwissCCS is a scientific and technical association for the promotion of clean room technology and contamination control.

New Surfaces and Coatings

Coating Competence Center

Develops new technologies by bringing together key players along the value chain and by closing the gap between lab-scale research and industrial production.

New Surfaces and Coatings

Competence Center for Materials and Processes (MaP) at ETH Zurich

Research on and development of advanced materials and processing thereof with relevance for technological innovations ranging from medicine & health, to information & communication technologies, energy, and construction. Special focus on Additive Manufacturing (AM) / 3D Printing (e.g. digital fabrication in architecture & construction (NCCR dfab), product development & engineering design, AM in robotics, micro- & nanofabrication, novel materials & process technologies for AM, bioprinting etc.).

Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing

AM-Network Switzerland

Additive Manufacturing
3D Printing
Design, computational methods, modeling and simulation, engineering of equipment, manufacturing process technology, Bioprinting

Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing

Competence Center TEDD
Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing
Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

3D cell cultures technologies
Advanced functional tissue models
In vitro testing of drugs and substances
Personalized medicine
Regenerative medicine
3R (replacement, reduction, refinemnet of animal testing)

Interfaces between materials and biological hosts for health applications

National Competence Centre for Research (NCCR)
"Bioinspired Materials"

Research in three interdisciplinary modules that focus on mechanically responsive materials, responsive materials made by self-assembly, and the interactions of responsive materials with living cells.

Functional materials

Advanced Manufacturing

The strategic initiative of the ETH Board in Advanced Manufacturing aims to enable Switzerland’s scientific and technical community to contribute at the most advanced level to these developments. It is to drive the institutions of the ETH Domain to team up, collaborate in exploratory research projects, and build the knowledge and infrastructure to position Switzerland as a leader in this domain.

Materials for additive manufacturing


High-performance optical coatings
Ultra-precisssion engnineering.

New Surfaces and Coatings
Materials for additive manufacturing



a) Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces
b) New Surfaces and Coatings
c) Functional materials
d) Materials for additive manufacturing
e) Functional Materials Focusing on Sensors

Carbon Composites Schweiz

high-performance fibre reinforced composite materials.

Composite Technology