TW: Taiwan  NSTC - National Science and Technology Council
(former: MOST - Ministry of Science and Technology)

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has been reorganized as a ministry-level council named the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) under the Executive Yuan since 27 July 2022.

Besides the original units of the MOST, the NSTC also incorporates the Office of Science and Technology Policy. To play the role of the driving force for Taiwan's scientific and technological innovation and to respond to the needs of society, the NSTC not only continues to be responsible for the MOST’s original four missions, namely, promotion of national science & technology development, support for academic research, development of science parks, and incubation of startups, but also strengthens the area of humanities and social science and promote female researchers.

The NSTC is also in charge of the overall planning of national science and technology policy development, coordination and integration of cross-ministerial and cross-disciplinary science and technology policies, and optimization of the allocation of science and technology budget resources with the aim to help jointly promote forward-looking science and technology programs and effectively connect the fundamental research, applications, and industry. The NSTC bears more responsibility than the MOST did before.