FI: Finland  AKA - Suomen Akatemia

The Academy of Finland’s mission is to finance high-quality scientific research, act as a science and science policy expert, and strengthen the position of science and research. The Academy is an agency within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. It comprises several councils and committees, and its operations cover all scientific disciplines. The best and most promising projects are selected by means of high-level international peer reviews. Each year some 5,000 researchers benefit from the Academy funding.


FI: Finland  Business Finland - Innovaatiorahoituskeskus Business Finland

With R&I and internationalization funding and services, Business Finland (BF) contributes to three key societal areas: economic growth, sustainability, and competitiveness. BF promotes economic growth and Finnish competitiveness by boosting added value, export income, and employment. Long-term growth is possible only if ecological and social sustainability is taken care of. Therefore, BF emphasizes sustainable solutions and rapidly growing global market opportunities. BF helps Finnish businesses and research groups to thrive and prosper by promoting sustainable solutions and transforming global thinking.