SK: Slovakia  SAS - Slovak Academy of Science

The Slovak Academy of Sciences is a governmental research organization. It is recognized as leading research and scientific institution aimed at excellent basic, strategic and applied research in Slovakia.

The SAS, as a funding body, supports those scientific disciplines which have attained international level and which are deemed necessary for the advancement of Slovakia. It consists of 49 organizations, including scientific and service organisations. Governing bodies are the Assembly, the Scientific Council, and the Presidium. The SAS governs the total budget of more than 60 M Euro. A part of the budget is reserved for international research cooperation within the schemes such as FP EU, ERA-Net, Horizon 2020, COST, ESA etc. The scientific policy of SAS supports interdisciplinary research and collaboration with research teams at Universities and with the industry. The SAS together with the Slovak universities can submit project proposals to the Scientific Grant Agency (VEGA – Vedecka grantova agentura) in different research fields including material sciences can be submitted in the frame of the programme “Promoting knowledge-based research in selected areas“.

SAS has an expertise concerning ERA.NET (Cofund) scheme in the various fields of science: e.g. nano materials and nano science and nanotechnology (NanoSci-ERA.NET 2005-2010, NanoSci-EPlus since 2008, MNT ERA.NET 2005-2008, MNT ERA.NET II since 20208, M-ERA.NET, M-ERANET 2, FLAG ERA), biological and medical sciences (NEURON II and NEURON III,, TRANSCAN I, TRANSCAN II, EuroNanomed III, ERACoSysMed …), agriculture (SusAn) and bilateral ERA.NETs (EU with respective countries – Korea, Japan, Russia) etc… The participation of SAS in the abovementioned ERA-Net projects have been based on the official mandate of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic for the SAS to act as R&D programme owner and manager. Selection procedures for the applications have been established and approved by the SAS Presidium.