South Africa

ZA: South Africa  DSI - Department of Science and Innovation

The DSI is the national government authority responsible for science, technology and innovation policy in South Africa (SA). The DSI includes among its key activities the development of strategic partnerships / collaborations with the international science and technology (S&T) community; the internationalising/ branding of SA’s S&T capabilities, and improving the quality and depth of information to support development and investment decision-making and driving improvements in the quality of S&T activities against the backdrop of internationally recognized benchmarks. The DSI has been responsible over the past decade, in partnership with the European Union (EC) Directorate- General Research, for the coordination, monitoring and promotion of cooperation under the SA-EU Agreement – this includes SA participation in FP4, FP5, FP6 FP7 and H2020.
The DSI is the custodian of South Africa’s National System of Innovation including from national policy and public funding perspective, as well as the strategic science and innovation partnerships.