Name of Funding agency

Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and innovation Funding

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


Name of the programme/initiative

National Plan for Research and Innovation, 2022-2026.  The Programme will start in 2022

Programme website

The website will be updated

Programme owner

Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization

Program manager (executing funding organisation)


Contact person(s) (e-mail, tel.)

Domnica Cotet: ; tel +4021 302 38 80;

Cristina Cotet: ; tel +4021 302 38 84;

Funding Commitment


Anticipated number of fundable research partners


Maximum funding per grant awarded to a partner

250.000 euro if the Romanian applicant is coordinators (no matter how many Romanian applicants there are).

200.000 euro if the Romanian applicant is partner (no matter how many Romanian applicants there are).

Principal Investigators are not allowed to apply for funding in more than one proposal

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range


Funding rates (approx.)

100% for public research organization; The industrial partners benefit from state aid, according to the national rules for its granting.

Major eligibility criteria
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction, cost types and caps)

Eligible costs are:

·       Staff costs;

·       Logistics expenses

·       Capital expenditure;

·       Expenditure on stocks - supplies and inventory items;

Expenditure on services performed by third parties cannot exceed 25% of the funding from the public budget. The subcontracted parts should not be core/substantial parts of the project work;

·       Travel expenses;

·       Overhead (indirect costs) is calculated as a percentage of direct costs: staff costs, logistics costs (excluding capital costs and cost for subcontracting) and travel expenses. Indirect costs will not exceed 20% of direct costs.


The aid intensity is applying in respect of type of organization and type of eligible activity (cf. link below).

Submission of the proposal at national/regional level (schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines, etc.)

Not the case

Submission of financial and scientific reports at the national/regional level

Yes, according to the contract agreement

Further guidance