Denmark: IFD

Name of Funding agency

IFD - Innovation Fund Denmark

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


Name of the programme/initiative

International Programmes

Programme website

Programme owner


Program manager (executing funding organisation)


Contact person(s) (e-mail, tel.)

Jens Peter Vittrup


Phone: +45 6190 5023


Martin Søndergaard


Phone: +45 6190 5065

Funding Commitment

App. €1,5M

Anticipated number of fundable research partners

10 in 5-7 projects.

Maximum funding per grant awarded to a partner

€300.000 per partner and up to €500.000 if two or more Danish partners participate in an application.

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

TRL 2-9

Funding rates (approx.)

EU state aid rules. Overheads mostly for Universities

For more details see IFD Guidelines for international programmes

Major eligibility criteria
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction, cost types and caps)

A non-academic Danish partner should be included in the application, but all other types of Danish partners are also welcomed together with the non-academic Danish partner. 

Submission of the proposal at national/regional level (schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines, etc.)

We have no national submission date, but applicants must upload the call application after the cut-off date

Submission of financial and scientific reports at the national/regional level

Every half year a progress report must be submitted to IFD. SME’s can have cost reimbursed every 3 months, other partners can have cost reimbursed every 6 months.

Further guidance

See IFD’s Guidelines for international programmes