Poland - NCN

Name of Funding agency
National Science Centre
Geographical coverage (national/regional)
Name of the programme/initiative
Programme owner
National Science Centre, Poland
Program manager (executing funding organisation)
National Science Centre, Poland
Contact person(s) (e-mail, tel.)

Anna Kotarba, e-mail:  Information for applicants, budget consultations: Magdalena Nowak, e-mail: , tel. +48 538 185 453

Funding commitment
€ 1 500 000
Anticipated number of fundable research partners


Maximum funding per grant awarded to a partner

No maximum funding limit per partner.

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

TRL 1-4, only basic research

Major eligibility criteria (e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction, cost types and caps)
  1.  Principal Investigator: Any researchers with a doctoral degree, employed at a Polish host institution may act as Principal Investigator or Project Leader.

  2. Eligible costs - Applicants are obliged to adhere to the rules included in the Annex to terms and regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded or co-funded under international calls launched by the National Science Centre and carried out as multilateral collaboration UNISONO, available on the NCN website.

  3. Overhead costs must not exceed a maximum of 20% of the total direct costs and may not be increased during the course of a research project. Additionally, indirect costs of up to 2% of direct costs may be spent on open access to publications and research data.

Submission of the proposal at national/regional level (schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines, etc.)

At the full proposal stage an NCN proposal covering the Polish part of the project must be prepared by the Polish research team and submitted to the NCN electronically via the OSF submission system. Submission deadline for NCN proposals in ZSUN/OSF: 27 November 2024, 4 p.m. CET (7 days following submission of full proposals in the M-era.Net Proposal Submission Platform). The EUR budget of the Polish part of the project in the joint proposal must be calculated according to the following exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4.3463 PLN.

Submission of financial and scientific reports at the national/regional level

NCN requires submitting annual and final reports. Each report consist of scientific and financial parts.

Further guidance

Detailed information on submitting proposals, project contracts, reporting and settlement of financed projects will be available in the call announcement on the NCN website: https://www.ncn.gov.pl/wspolpraca-zagraniczna/wspolpraca-wielostronna/konkurs-mera?language=en