Graphene Fabrication, Integration and Metrology for Nanoelectromechanical Systems - NanoGraM

NanoGraM has explored new Nano-/Microelectro-mechanical (NEMS/MEMS) devices based on graphene interfaces and surfaces. The integration of graphene NEMS/MEMS sensors with silicon technology will enable smart systems that enhance the well-being of people, food quality, traffic safety, pollution monitoring, or homeland security. The main results obtained in the framework of this project are:

  • Development of semi-dry transfer process for graphene on cavities and holes
  • Reduction of metal contamination by factor 10
  • Characterization of the influence of gas adsorption on the electrical characteristics of graphene.
  • Determination of the contact resistance between graphene and various metals. Palladium was determined as the most efficient system.
  • Evaluation of non-invasive regime of Raman spectroscopy of free standing and suspended graphene
  • Application of new measurement stabilization methods enabling large-area and high resolution characterization of quality and stress in extended graphene membranes
  • First time implementation of 3D Raman topography to this kind of application (large-area graphene membranes)
  • Demonstration and evaluation of the feasibility of freestanding graphene membranes in the addressed applications (microphone and magnetic field sensor)
  • Demonstration of the principal feasibility of devices with integrated graphene membranes
  • High-level training of future science and technology leaders through several PhD theses.

Three patent applications were filed within the project plus several which are still in the pipeline. At least seven papers were published in peer-reviewed journals out of which we explicitly highlight a publication by a consortium of authors from three NanoGraM partners: S. Wagner, T. Dieing, A. Centeno, A. Zurutuza, A.D. Smith, M. Östling, S. Kataria, M.C. Lemme, “Noninvasive Scanning Raman Spectroscopy and Tomography for Graphene Membrane Characterization”, Nano Letters, 17(3): 1504–1511, 2017.

Project Details

Publication date 2018/03/01
Call Topic Innovative Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces (Call 2013)
Duration in months 36
  • Infineon Technologies AG, Germany (Coordinator)
  • WITec GmbH, Germany (Partner)
  • Universität Siegen, Germany (Partner)
  • Graphenea, Spain (Partner)
  • Simune Atomistics S.L., Spain (Partner)
  • RWTH Aachen, Germany (Partner)
Funded by
Total project cost € 1,960,244
Contact Infineon Technologies AG

BEX RDE RDF; c/o Werner Weber, 81726 Munich

Werner Weber
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