Design of new metallic oxide-carbon hybrid composites for supercapacitors electrodes - MOC@SUPCAP

The M.Era-Net project entitled “Design of new metallic oxide-carbon hybrid composites for supercapacitors electrodes” has been successfully developed by the proposed institutions, namely IST/Portugal, Sintef/Norway, and NTNU/Norway. The above-mentioned project gave rise to nine publications, which are all dedicated to the supercapacitors field. Besides these interesting publications, one of the materials utilized on the project, carbon foam as negative electrode, motivated a Portuguese company (C2C-NewCap - ) to successfully test our approach of fabricating hydroxides-oxides and carbon-based materials as hybrid supercapacitors in its production line. In fact, this fabrication route has been published in one of the best journals devoted to power sources, the “Journal of Power Sources”, in which it is demonstrated the production of Co(OH)2/carbon nanofoam composite as supercapacitor electrode operating at 2 V in friendly aqueous medium. In addition, we have dealt with graphene-based active materials which are undoubtedly the most studied materials in the current state-of-art and have extraordinary chemical and physical properties leading them to a myriad of applications.

In summary, we believe that our project has significantly contributed to both academia and industry fields and is part of an essential area for the sustainable and economic development of all countries around the world which is renewable energy.



In this project, different materials, e.g. MnO2, Co(OH)2, NiO, reduced graphene oxide (rGO), have been produced devoted to supercapacitor applications. Most of them have been obtained by electrodeposition technique which is no doubt a simple, versatile, and efficient approach to fabricate supercapacitor materials. More details about the obtained results originated from this work can be found in our list of publications from this work:

1) R. Della Noce, S. Eugénio, T.M. Silva, M.J. Carmezim, M.F. Montemor, α-Co(OH)2/carbon nanofoam composite as electrochemical capacitor electrode operating at 2 V in aqueous medium, Journal of Power Sources 288 (2015) 234-242.

2) A. García-Gómez, R.G. Duarte, S. Eugénio, T.M. Silva, M.J. Carmezim, M.F. Montemor, Fabrication of electrochemically reduced graphene oxide/cobalt oxide composite for charge storage electrodes, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 755 (2015) 151-157.

3) R. Della Noce, S. Eugénio, M. Boudard, L. Rapenne, T. M. Silva, M. J. Carmezim, S. W. Donne, M. F. Montemor, One-step process to form a nickel-based/carbon nanofoam composite supercapacitor electrode using Na2SO4 as an eco-friendly electrolyte, RSC Advances 6 (2016) 15920-15928.

4) K. K. Upadhyay, S. Eugénio, R. Della Noce, T. M. Silva, M. J. Carmezim, M. F. Montemor, Hydrothermally grown Ni0.7Zn0.3O directly on carbon fiber paper substrate as an electrode material for energy storage applications, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (2016) 9876-9884.

5) T. Nguyen, M. Boudard, M. J. Carmezim, M. F. Montemor, NixCo1-x(OH)2 nanosheets on carbon nanofoam paper as high areal capacity electrodes for hybrid supercapacitors, Energy 126 (2017) 208-216.

6) A. Adán-Más, Raquel G. Duarte, T. M. Silva, L. Guerlou-Demourgues, M. F. G. Montemor, Enhancement of the Ni-Co hydroxide response as energy storage material by electrochemically reduced graphene oxide, Electrochimica Acta 240 (2017) 323-340.

7) R. Della Noce, S. Eugénio, T. M. Silva, M. J. Carmezim, M. F. Montemor, Electrodeposition: A Versatile, Efficient, Binder-free and Room Temperature One-Step Process to Produce MnO2 Electrochemical Capacitor Electrodes, RSC Advances 7 (2017) 32038-32043.

8) K. K. Upadhyay, M. Altomare, S. Eugénio, P. Schmuki, T. M. Silva, M. F. Montemor, On the Supercapacitive Behaviour of Anodic Porous WO3-Based Negative Electrodes, Electrochimica Acta 232 (2017) 192-201.

9) K. K Upadhyay, T. Nguyen, T. M. Silva, M. J. Carmezim, M. F. Montemor, Electrodeposited MoOx films as negative electrode materials for redox supercapacitors, Electrochimica Acta 225 (2017) 19-28.

SEM image of Co(OH)2 nanoflakes onto carbon nanofoam forming a supercapacitor electrode.

Project Details

Publication date 2018/10/16
Call Topic Materials for Sustainable and Affordable Low Carbon Energy Technologies (Call 2012)
Duration in months 36
  • Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal, Portugal (Coordinator)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway (Partner)
  • Sintef Materials and Chemistry, Norway (Partner)
Funded by
Total project cost € 993,426
Contact Instituto Superior Técnico - IST

Avenida Rovisco Pais, 01 – 1049-001 – Lisboa, Portugal

Maria de Fátima Montemor
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