Surface modifications to control drug release from therapeutic ophthalmic lenses - SurfLenses

The SurfLenses project aimed to develop new efficient drug delivery systems for the treatment/prophylaxis of ocular diseases and post-surgical infections, mainly through the coating/surface modification of drug-loaded soft contact lenses (SCLs) and intra ocular lenses (IOLs). These devices, still inexistent in the market, have raised great interest among the research community and ophthalmic lens manufacturers and are expected to bring numerous advantages at the clinical level. They shall have a positive impact on peoples’ quality of life, comfort and working ability at long term, contributing for the “Active and Healthy Ageing” which has been elected by the European Union as global priority.To achieve the project purposes, it was gathered an international multidisciplinary team (from Portugal, Belgium and Iceland) of experienced and young researchers from academy, clinics and industry, with complementary skills/expertise in areas like biomaterials, chemistry, pharmacy/drug delivery, microbiology, biomedical engineering and ophthalmology.The project stood out by its high level of productivity, that surpassed largely the expected indicators.  It gave rise to high quality and innovative work and contributed significantly to the advanced training of young scientists.

Overall, SurfLenses project led to the publication of 17 articles in indexed reputed scientific journals, 1 publication in a scientific bulletin, 54 communications in national and international scientific meetings, 10 invited communications, 3 PhD thesis already finished and 2 in progress, 14 MSc thesis, 2 summer internships, 5 research grants and 1 new project in a related theme involving several partners from Portugal and Brazil. It also contributed to the success of 1 IF2014 Principal Researcher position application. More details about the project at:

Project Details

Publication date 2018/10/19
Call Topic Innovative Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces (Call 2012)
Duration in months 39
  • Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz, Portugal (Coordinator)
  • University of Coimbra, Portugal (Partner)
  • University of Iceland, Iceland (Partner)
  • Physiol, Belgium (Partner)
  • Altakitin, Portugal (Partner)
  • Hospital das Forças Armadas, Portugal (Partner)
Funded by
Total project cost € 730,000
Contact Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz

Campus Universitário Egas Moniz, Quinta da Granja, Monte de Caparica, 2829 - 511 Caparica

Ana Paula Serro
Phone: +351 218419240
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