Joint Call 2018

Results Call 2018

166 pre-proposals were submitted, requesting 150 Mio EUR funding in total. 94 pre-proposals were recommended for a full-proposal submission. 91 full-proposals were submitted. 74 full-proposals passed the full-proposal evaluation, requesting around 30.5 Mio EUR funding. Depending on national/regional budgets and rules the national/regional funding organisations finally selected 27 full-proposals for funding corresponding to requested funding of 18.2 Mio EUR.



Results of the M-ERA.NET Call 2018

List of funded projects from Call 2018

The M-ERA.NET Call 2018 was launched on the 13 March 2018. 33 funding agencies from 24 countries participate with a total budget of more than 23 million € national/regional funding.

The aim is to fund ambitious transnational RTD projects addressing materials research and innovation including materials for low carbon energy technologies and related production technologies. M-ERA.NET aims to strengthen the contribution of materials R&D to energy-related applications where applicable.

The Call 2018 includes the following thematic areas:

  • Multiscale modeling for materials engineering and processing (M3EP)
  • Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces
  • High performance composites
  • Functional materials
  • New strategies for advanced material-based technologies in health applications
  • Materials for additive manufacturing


For a list of all participating countries and regions in Call 2018 please see the guide for proposers.

Call documents for download:


> M-ERA.NET Call 2018 is closed.

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