Report on the assessment of transnational projects funded unter the M-ERA.NET Call 2018 published

The report covers the results of the assessment of the 27 projects funded from the M-ERA.NET Call 2018


The funded projects were assessed through an online questionnaire, covering assessment of scientific results, technical results, economic effects, and transnational benefits. The survey addressed 117 projects partners in 27 projects.

The report concludes that the assessed projects have a high impact at scientific and innovation level and a positive transnational effect and benefits.

The projects usually started at TRL levels between 2 and 4 and ended at TRL levels 4 to 6. In many cases the innovation-related results comprised new methods, new products and/or new processes. The results from the assessed projects were published in more than 190 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and at least 18 patent applications were submitted.

The assessed beneficiaries indicated, that the main added value of M-ERA.NET compared to other transnational funding schemes are simpler rules and procedures and attractivity to newcomers. 85% of respondents reported that the project would not have been realised without M-ERA.NET, and in 82% there is a plan for future cooperation of the project consortium.

More details can be found in the full report.