M-ERA.NET Call 2021 statistics are published

493 pre-proposals were submitted, requesting 403 Mio EUR funding in total. 174 pre-proposals were recommended for a full-proposal submission. 171 full-proposals were submitted. 151 full-proposals passed the full-proposal evaluation, requesting around 134 Mio EUR funding.

The indicative total call budget of the co-funded call was around 57 Million € including EC top-up funding. Thanks to substantial budget increases of 20 funding organisations, finally 70 full-proposals are selected for funding, with 318 participants requesting 69,9 Mio EUR funding.

This is the highest amount of selected full-proposals for funding M-ERA.NET has ever achieved within the 10 years duration.

Detailed statistics and a list of projects recommended for funding can be found here.

Source: © tadamichi - stock.adobe.com