INNOvative catalyst and its regeneration for clean HYdrogen Production via methane PYrolysis - INNOHYPPY

Project summary

According to the Sustainable Development Goal on Energy (SDG7) as well as Green Deal, RePowerEU and other EU initiatives, clean energy solutions are essential to counter climate change as well as to reach climate neutrality. The INNOHYPPY project aims at the fundamental and practical investigation of Fe/Ni materials to develop novel catalyst for cleaner and more efficient clean hydrogen production via methane pyrolysis technique as well as their regeneration in order to increase its longevity durability, where all the residues will be used as secondary raw materials for further application. The project reflects to climate change including energy conversion, higher efficiency with improved overall performance, avoiding the use of critical raw materials, utilization of waste material and ensuring the sustainability of the whole process. Besides, lowering the carbon footprint, the project will suggest dual clean hydrogen production (via hydrolysis and pyrolysis reactions) technology.

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Call 2022

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Materials for energy

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543.888 €

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543.888 €


2 - 4


Dr. Sarunas Varnagiris

Lithuanian energy institute, Breslaujos g. 3, LT-44403 KAUNAS, Lithuania

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Consortium Partner   Country Funder
Lithuanian energy institute
Research org. Lithuania LT-LMT
Institute of Solid State Physics
Research org. Latvia LV-LZP
Research org. Slovenia SI-MIZS


carbon coating, hydrogen generation, magnetron sputtering, plasma surface treatment, catalysts, methane pyrolysis, carbon-based sensors