INtegrated Conductive and biomimetic polymeric Interfaces able to serve as micro-nanostructured Patches for myocardIal regeneraTion - INCIPIT

Project summary

The leading cause of death for cardiovascular disease is coronary heart disease. Current therapies do not restore the functionality of damaged myocardial tissue. The only effective therapeutic intervention is an approach able to stimulate the autonomous regeneration of myocardium. Recently, we developed bioartificial scaffolds with the potential to serve as acellular patches for in vivo cardiac regeneration. Herein, the patch will be implemented with electroconductive polymers in order to improve cardiac commitment. The protection against ventricular remodelling and recruitment of stem cells in situ will be pursued through the use of advanced nanotechnologies. The therapeutic product will be validated in vitro using stem and precursor cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, organotypic heart cultures and in vivo using a small animal model. The INCIPIT cardiac patch technology will move this material-based product closer to the market of smart therapies in the cardiovascular field.

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Call 2016

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Interfaces between materials and biological hosts for health applications

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640.390 €

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377.125 €


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Dr. Caterina Cristallini

National Research Council, via Moruzzi 1, 56124 Pisa, Italy

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National Research Council
Research org. Italy IT-MIUR
University of Turin
University Italy IT-MIUR
University of Minho
University Portugal PT-FCT
Pluricell Biotech


biomaterials, advanced multifunctional materials, cardiac and cardiovascular systems, cell differentiation, nanoparticles, regenerative materials, bioactive materials