Basque Country (Spain): EJ-GV

Name of Funding agency
Geographical coverage (national/regional)
Regional: The Basque Country (Spain)
Name of the programme/initiative
Programme owner
Consejería de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente– Eusko Jaurlaritza - Gobierno Vasco / Basque Government - The Ministry for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment
Program manager (executing funding organisation)
Innobasque – Agencia Vasca de la Innovación / Innobasque - Basque Innovation Agency
Contact person(s) (e-mail, tel.)

Judith De Prado Olivenza / Catalina Chamorro Silgado /

+34 944 209 488 / +34 945 018 210

Funding commitment
500.000 €
Anticipated number of fundable research partners

No limit

Maximum funding per grant awarded to a partner

250.000€ funding per beneficiary and per year

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

TRL: 4 - 7

Funding rates (approx.)

Up to 45% of eligible costs in the case of Industrial research and up to 30% in the case of experimental development. Maximum amount of funding: 250,000€ funding per beneficiary and per year. Minimum annual budget for a Basque company: 50.000 € to be eligible

Major eligibility criteria (e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction, cost types and caps)

Beneficiaries: Small, medium and large companies and company associations. Research centers, universities and public entities only if subcontracted by the beneficiaries.

Type of research eligible for funding: Industrial research and experimental development.

Thematic restriction and other remarks: Proposals must fit within Basque Country's strategic specialization areas defined in the PCTI 2030: smart industry, cleaner energies, personalised healthcare, healthy food, eco-innovation, sustainable cities, creative Basque Country

Submission of the proposal at national/regional level (schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines, etc.)

Basque partners must submit the proposal (in Spanish or Basque) to the regional programme in 2024 call. Deadlines are defined yearly.

Submission of financial and scientific reports at the national/regional level

During the first trimester (1st January – 31th March)