Joint Call 2015

Results Call 2015

156 pre-proposals were submitted, requesting 115 Mio EUR funding in total. 96 pre-proposals were recommended for a full-propos al submission. 93 full-proposals were submitted. 54 full-proposals passed the full-proposal evaluati on, requesting around 37.2 Mio EUR funding. Depending on national/regional budgets and rules the national/regional funding organisations finally selected 22 full-proposals for funding corresponding to requested funding of 16.5 Mio EUR.



Results of the M-ERA.NET Call 2015

List of funded projects from Call 2015

The M-ERA.NET Call 2015 was launched on 3 February 2015 with 35 participating funding agencies from 22 European countries as well as Taiwan, Korea, Brazil Sao Paulo and Russia with a total available public funding of more than 25 million Euro. 

156 pre-proposal were submitted. 93 full proposals were submitted. 22 projects were selected for funding in February 2016.

Funding was offered to innovative projects focusing on:

  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
  • New Surfaces and Coatings
  • High performance synthetic and biobased composites
  • Materials for Sustainable and Affordable Low Carbon Energy Technologies
  • Tailoring of bioactive material surfaces for health applications
  • Materials  for Additive Manufacturing


> M-ERA.NET Call 2015 closed.