Partner 40: (TW: Taiwan) MOST - Ministry of Science and Technology

On March 3rd, 2014, National Science Council (NSC) was restructured into the Ministry of Science and
Technology (MoST), with an aim to strengthen academic-industry collaboration. The establishment of
MoST shall further encourage the commercialization of innovative technologies, accelerate and facilitate
entrepreneurship, enhancing the international competitiveness of our academic research and
commercial industries in the world.
MOST currently oversees 16 S&T divisions around the world; these offices broaden partnerships with
host nations, maintain contact with scientists in those nations, and have been actively recruiting
overseas S&T professionals to meet growing demands at home. In the effort to promote bilateral and
multilateral S&T exchange with other countries, MOST has signed 110 cooperation agreements with 43
nations, cooperation takes the form of building exchanges among researchers, organizing joint symposia,
conducting collaborative research projects, promoting high-level official visits, and conferring
international. All of these efforts help develop practical partnerships with other countries.