Partner 37: (SI: Slovenia) MIZS - Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport

Ministry of Education, Science and Sport perform tasks in the areas of early childhood education,
primary, secondary, higher education, adult education, science, research, sports, information society
and electronic communications. The unit, responsible for the implementation of the project is Science
Directorate. It performs tasks in the field of science and research. The work of the Directorate is
organized into two organizational units: Science Division and Division of Structural Funds in the field of research and development.

The project will be performed by the Science Division.
Science Division forms the professional basis for political documents in the field of research policy. The main tasks are: preparing legislation and regulations in science and research; establishing and enhancing the system for comprehensive analysis and monitoring of research activities and their development; developing new instruments for the implementation of the strategic objectives in the field of research; planning required financial resources to fund these activities.

In implementing national research programs, the Directorate and the Science Division are closely collaborating with the Slovenian Research
Agency and public research institutions. On international level, Science Division is actively involved in coordinating and implementing EU research framework programs (Horizon 2020) and European
initiatives such as ERA-NETs, INCO-NETs and JPIs (Joint Programming Initiatives). It is participating in European Commission Horizon 2020 Program Committees and is organizing and implementing the Horizon 2020 NCP services.