Partner 31: (PL: Poland) NCBR - National Centre for Research and Development

The National Centre for Research and Development is the implementing agency of the Minister of
Science and Higher Education. It was appointed in the summer 2007 as an entity in charge of the
performance of the tasks within the area of national science, science and technology and innovation
policies. When if was founded, it was the first entity of this type, created as the platform of an effective dialogue between the scientific and business communities.
Currently, it operates under the Act on National Centre for Research and Development dated 30 April
2010 (Journal of Laws from 2010, No. 96 item 616). The science reform adopted in the autumn 2010
gave the Centre more freedom to manage its financial assets, within the scope of a strategic research
In addition, the National Centre for Research and Development extended its activity with new initiatives and possibilities on 1 September 2011. Assigned by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the function of the Mediation Institution in three operational programmes: Human Capital, Innovative Economy and Infrastructure and Environment, the Centre became one of the greatest innovation centres in Poland.
The activity of the Centre is funded by the national treasury and the European Union.
The main task of the National Centre for Research and Development is management and execution of
strategic research and development programs, which lead directly to the development of
Among the tasks of the National Centre for Research and Development, are the support of
commercialization and other forms of transfer of scientific research results, the management of applied research programs and the performance of national security and defense projects.
The Centre also attempts to provide young scientists with training and development opportunities i.a.
by implementing international scientific mobility programs. Special attention is paid to the participation of young scientists in research programs. The Centre enables young researchers to expand their business and intellectual property management skills and to learn how to commercialize research results.
At the same time, via implemented initiatives, it draws attention to the necessity of rasing the R&D
staff’s awareness of the importance of industrial property protection to the commercialization of
modern solutions and international patent protection opportunities for research units.
The National Centre for Research and Development is managed by the Director supported by the Board, which has the advisory role.

Partner 32: (PL: Poland) NCN - National Science Centre

The National Science Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki, NCN) is a Polish government executive agency set up in 2010 to fund basic research. The primary task of the Centre is to support research projects.

The Centre fulfils its duties by catering for the needs of researchers at every stage of their research career and with different degrees of expertise. It finances basic research carried out in the form research projects, scholarships for PhD students and post-doc internships. To ensure the excellent quality of the research selected for funding, the Centre has adopted a two-stage, peer review-based procedure of proposal evaluation. One important task of the Centre is to foster international cooperation in research and disseminate information on calls for proposals among researchers. The NCN also supports and monitors the progress of research projects financed under its funding opportunities through review and examination of annual and final reports, as well as on-site visits to selected host institutions.