Partner 30: (NO: Norway) RCN - Research Council of Norway

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has been established to serve as a common public administrative and allocating agency for all disciplines and segments within the research sector. RCN is Norway's official body for the development and implementation of national research strategy and reporting to the Norwegian government.

RCN seeks to promote an integrated R&D system that supplies high-quality research, develops knowledge for dealing with key challenges to society and the business sector, fosters dynamic interaction within the R&D system nationally and internationally, and creates a framework for learning, application and innovation.

RCN seeks to strengthen the international position of Norwegian research together with other actors in the research system and serves in the role of change agent in these matters. The Research Council works to promote high-calibre research and win greater acknowledgment of research as a cultural, value-creating force that fuels social development.

RCN’s sphere of action encompasses all subjects and disciplines, all thematic areas and all aspects of society, from basic research to research-based innovation and commercialisation. Research funding allocated via the Research Council’s competitive arenas may be awarded to all qualified Norwegian research environments, companies and public entities. Activities extend across the regional, national and international levels.


In 2015, The Research Council of Norway's total budget amounts to NOK 8 483 million. The Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Trade and Industry are the most important contributors to the budget of the Research Council of Norway.

The Research Council of Norway comprises four research divisions, one division for administrative affairs and an executive staff organised directly under the Director General. The Research Council has some 450 employees.