Partner 25: (LT: Lithuania) LMT - Research Council of Lithuania

The Research Council of Lithuania (LMT), established in 1991, is a state budget institution that acts as an expert on science policy and as an advisory body to the Parliament of Lithuania and the Government on strategic issues of research and higher education. LMT is a core body of Lithuanian R&D funding system reforms and is entrusted to implement the grant-based research funding. The Council is made of the Board of the Council and two Committees: the Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Committee of Natural and Technical Sciences. There are 9 Board members and 10 members in each Committee and the chairs of the Committees. The members of LMT are assigned by the decision of the Parliament. The decisions of the Council are implemented by Research Foundation.
Part of LMT work results are in-depth reports on the most important issues of research, the efficiency and quality of R&D policy and higher education. LMT contributes to the science policy formation and is involved in legislative issues of the Lithuanian science and studies system. Major focus is on the development of a science-oriented society in the context of globalisation and internationalisation. LMT is deeply involved in restructuring research governance and funding mechanisms in Lithuania. LMT is represented by the chairman prof. Dainius H. Pauza.