Partner 27: (LV: Latvia) VIAA - State Education Development Agency

The State Education Development Agency (SEDA; VIAA in Latvian) is a direct administration institution which is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science.
SEDA operates in accordance with Cabinet Regulations of 18 December 2012 No. 934 "Regulation of the State Education Development Agency".
In accordance with the Regulation, the aim of the activities of SEDA is to implement the national policy in the field of development of higher education and science, lifelong learning system, vocational
education system and general education system and to implement and monitor projects financed by
European Union (EU) Structural Funds, education innovation projects, EU programmes and other
financial instrument programmes, projects and initiatives. VIAA functions among others include:

  • provide the National Contact Point functions for the EU Framework Programme HORIZON 2020,
  • ensure Latvia’s participation in joint programmes and joint technology initiatives stipulated in Article 185 and 187 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as well as COST program, ERANET, ERA-NET+ and ERA-NET COFUND projects,
  • ensure evaluation, administration and supervision of international cooperation programme projects in the field of science and technology development.