Partner 10: (EE: Estonia) ETAG - Estonian Research Council

Estonian Research Council (Eesti Teadusagentuur, ETAg), established on 1 March 2012 is a successor of
Estonian Science Foundation (Eesti Teadusfond, ETF), which was supplemented with the Research
Cooperation Centre of the Archimedes Foundation and reorganized. The Council is a private body fulfilling
public functions, responsible to the Ministry of Education and Research.
The forerunner of ETAg, the Estonian Science Foundation, was established in July 1990 by the Estonian
Government as an expert research funding organisation with the main goal to support the most promising
research initiatives in all fields of basic and applied research including humanities and social sciences and
to use state budget appropriations to award peer-reviewed research grants on a competitive basis. Today,
the objectives of the Council as a research founding body are not only to foster the development of basic
and applied research and support the most qualified and successful researchers and research groups, but
also involve in institutional funding, support post-graduate and doctoral students in active research and
facilitate international cooperation and the mobility of researchers. This has been attained mainly by the
annual call for research project proposals and different programmes for post-docs' (ERMOS) and
researchers' mobility (MOBILITAS).
Another priority of ETAg is to facilitate Estonian researchers' international collaboration with foreign
colleagues. Council represents the Estonian scientific community on an international level being a
member of the European Science Foundation (ESF) and a founding member of Science Europe.
Within the Framework Programmes (FP) ETAg participates as a partner in several ERA networks (BONUS,
BiodivERsA, ERA-CAPS, M-ERA.NET, NORFACE, HIVERA etc.) and fulfils rather demanding tasks in some of
them. ETAg has made funding commitments in most of the mentioned ERA-NET joint calls. Council has
also joined several EUROCORES initiatives and is running some other international, bi- and multinational
cooperation programmes.

ETAg acting as a FP7 National Contact Point offers counselling on the Seventh Framework Programme and
Horizon 2020, coordinates participation in the COST network and consults mobile researchers through the
EURAXESS network
Estonian Research Council is also the authorized processor of the Estonian Research Information System,
the information channel for submitting and processing grant applications, as well as submitting and
confirming project reports.